My Favorite Starbucks Roasts (Ranked)

Starbucks holds a unique place in the minds of many coffee lovers. For the coffee hipsters/purists, it's too mass-produced and popular. It's like "the man" of coffee and is doing more harm than good for the overall coffee world. This group would prefer some sustainably sourced, single-origin coffee that is roasted in house and brewed … Continue reading My Favorite Starbucks Roasts (Ranked)

Thoughts on Celebrating the Passing of Time

The more you think about it, the more interesting the New Year holiday seems. We (thankfully) get a day off to celebrate… the passing of time? It’s like we’re all just looking at each other saying, "Congratulations! We survived another orbit around the sun." Of course, 2018 wasn’t that great for a lot of people, … Continue reading Thoughts on Celebrating the Passing of Time

The Makings of a Perfect Sunday (For Me)

When you’re not a regular churchgoer, Sunday is the best day of the week. The phrase "Sunday funday" exists for a reason and most likely wasn’t coined by Christians. Sunday becomes the day for fishing, relaxing, watching football, and catching up on sleep. Pretty much everybody has Sunday off so it becomes the de facto … Continue reading The Makings of a Perfect Sunday (For Me)