The One Question That Always Stops My Worrying

I've been worrying for as long as I can remember being able to think. 99.9% of my worries are admittedly irrational and unnecessary. I often worry about things I can't control, things that really don't make sense, and things that have a 0.0013% chance of occurring (trust me, I've calculated it). I know I'm not … Continue reading The One Question That Always Stops My Worrying

My Favorite Starbucks Roasts (Ranked)

Starbucks holds a unique place in the minds of many coffee lovers. For the coffee hipsters/purists, it's too mass-produced and popular. It's like "the man" of coffee and is doing more harm than good for the overall coffee world. This group would prefer some sustainably sourced, single-origin coffee that is roasted in house and brewed … Continue reading My Favorite Starbucks Roasts (Ranked)