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#21 History Repeats Itself with Cameron Meeks

Music by Lee Rosevere | Title: Let That Sink In  | Album: Music for Podcasts 6

History repeats itself. We all know this, but how does this fact reveal itself in God’s Word, our lives, and in our churches? How can we grow through answering these questions? Cameron Meeks comes on the show to discuss these heavy-hitting topics.

#20 The Bible’s Literary Form and the Minor Prophets with Andy Baumberger

Forest sits down with Andy Baumberger to discuss how the Bible is beautiful, God-breathed literature and why that matters. Also, the awesome but oft-neglected minor prophets are discussed at length.


Minor Prophets by Jack P. Lewis

Prophets by Wayne Jackson

The Minor Prophets by Homer Hailey

The Bible Project: Minor Prophets

#19 Resisting the Monastic Mindset

Sometimes we forget that we have to be *in the world* but not of the world. The world can be discouraging and evil and unrighteous. Do we respond by being reclusive and keeping to ourselves, or will we let our light shine?

Check out a brief historical introduction to monasticism

#18 Neuroplasticity and the Christian with Konor Copeland

In this episode Forest sits down with Psychology student Konor Copeland to talk about the brain’s amazing ability to repair itself and develop new habits and what this has to do with the Christian walk. Also, the psychological evidence for prayer in the context of helping with mental health is discussed.

#17 Lessons From Jesus’ Genealogy in Matthew

Certain sections of God’s word are easier to skip than others. Usually, genealogies are included in that group of easy to skip sections. But, there are definitely some things that are central to the gospel and important for us to see in Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew. In this episode Forest explores some of these things. Maybe we shouldn’t skip genealogies!

#16 Introducing the Gospels Companion Reading Plan

The Gospels companion reading plan is a Bible reading plan designed to read the Gospels beside correlating New Testament Epistles. Matthew is paired with Hebrews, Mark is paired with 1&2 Peter, Luke is paired with Romans, and John is paired with 1, 2, 3 John. In this episode, Forest explains why the which Gospels are paired with which epistles.

Check out the reading plan on the Resources page.

#15 Being Thankful For God’s Word and the History of the English Bible

We have many reasons to be thankful for God’s Word. From what it is, to how awesome it is, to how we’re able to have it in our language as English speakers. Hopefully, this thankfulness will create in us a sense of responsibility for those who don’t have the Bible translated into the language they speak.


History of the English Bible

Holy Writ and Sacred Witness Blog

#14 The Pure Fire App, Modern Evangelism methods, Etc.

Forest sits down with Rich Beatty to discuss the “Pure Fire” app designed by Rich to be a modern evangelism tool. For some people, tracts and bulletins just aren’t attractive. Let’s try to support works like these that bring evangelism techniques into the 21st century.

#13 When Comfort Zones Become Danger Zones

In this episode, Forest discusses how comfort zones are natural–and not inherently bad–but when they keep us from living to our full potential or walking by faith, then they become danger zones.

A reprinting of Lard’s Commentary on Romans can be found on Amazon here.

#12 Toward Christian Political Unity (Not Uniformity) with Sam Glover

A Republican and a Democrat walk into a church… what happens next? Often times we expect it to be a battle royale of un-Christlike jabs and parries shrouded with name-calling and assuming the worst of each other. We expect this because, as a whole, we need to do better! Imagine a world where Christians could discuss, debate, and even disagree about politics without spoiling their Christian influence. In this episode, Sam and Forest try to discuss what it would take to get there based on where we are now. 

Read about the growing political divide here

#11 Praying the Scriptures: Awesome but Neglected

Praying the scriptures is a biblical (Acts 4:23-28) but often overlooked spiritual practice. In this episode, Forest discusses some of the blessings that can be found in praying the scriptures for yourself as well as how to do it. 

#10 The Importance of Good Theology

Some might suggest that relationships and serving is more important than good theology. Why not have both? Good theology is of crucial importance for a number of reasons discussed in this episode. Plus, the question of where we get good theology is looked at. 

#09 Reaching Millennials, Etc.

35% of unchurched millennials say that “church” isn’t relevant to them. 87% say that Christians are judgmental, 85% say Christians are hypocritical. As of 2013, 34% of America’s atheists and agnostics were under 30. How can the church better reach the upcoming generations? We would do well to remember the words of Paul in First Corinthians 9:19-23. Becoming all things to all people so that we might win some certainly applies to how we reach out to, and make our congregations more welcoming for, the younger generations. 


What Millennials Want When They Visit Church

2015 State of Atheism in America


Gen Z 


#08 Lessons From the Thai Cave Rescue, Etc.

The recent cave rescue in Thailand is perhaps the news story of the year. It’s the kind of story that restores one’s hope in humanity. Part of what makes it so extraordinary is how the entire event echoes our universal awe of selfless love–an awe that finds its ultimate realization in the work of Jesus Christ (Jn. 15:13-14; Rom. 5:8). The rescues also surprisingly serve as a reminder of the dangers of complacency in the christian walk (Rev. 3:14-20). 


“Still Can’t Believe it Worked”

“How Did the Boys Get Out?” 

“This Is Madness” 


#07 The Mystery of Marriage, Etc.

Forest flies solo on this episode to discuss “the mystery of marriage” from Ephesians 5:22-32. Also, the often overlooked benefits of singleness are discussed while looking at 1 Corinthians 7:31-35. As far as news and updates go, Theology, Etc. is now on the Pure Fire app. 

#06 Missions, Etc. with Blaine McKinney

Listen to this episode on here

Blaine comes onto the show to discuss all things missions related: Is every Christian a missionary? What can the church do better in regards to missions? Also, Blaine shares some details about how long distance running teaches lessons about Christianity.

#05 Works of the Law, Etc. with Chris Kidwell

Listen to this episode here

Forest sits down with Chris Kidwell to discuss Chris’ recent thesis on Paul’s use of the phrase “works of the law.” Also, They discuss the Nashville Predators. Chris has completed the MDiv program at Freed-Hardeman University and preaches in Bridge Creek, Oklahoma.  

#04 Imaginative Apologetics, Etc. with Cole Parsley

Listen to this episode here

Cole Parsley comes onto the show to discuss the concept of imaginative apologetics, how to interact with the culture around us, and even defends video games. Cole is the youth minister at the Center Chapel church of Christ in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a senior Bible major.

Links To Things Mentioned In This Episode:

Apologetics Press

William Lane Craig podcast

Timothy Keller, The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism

#03 Youth Ministry, Etc. with Chris Elrod

Listen to this episode here

Forest sits down with Chris Elrod to discuss some of the theoretical sides of youth ministry. What is it? Is it biblical? What good does it do? Chris is a senior Bible major with an emphasis in Youth Ministry. He has worked as a youth minister either full-time or as an intern in the middle Tennessee area for years.

Links to things mentioned in this episode

Growing Young: Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church

Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship

#02 The Trinity, Etc. with Sam Glover

Listen to this episode here

Forest sits down with Sam Glover to talk about the hard-hitting topics of the Trinity, hell, and the process of translating the Holy Scriptures. Sam is in his last semester of studying for an MDiv from Freed-Hardeman University and he preaches at the Shiloh church of Christ in Shiloh, Tennessee.

Links to things mentioned in this episode

Gospel Advocate Magazine

Lutheran Satire

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