Early to Church, Late to Forgive

In Matthew 23, Jesus famously pronounces his “seven woes” to the Scribes and Pharisees. In this section of the New Testament, we can really grasp the seriousness and righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ. I can picture it perfectly, Jesus in front of the crowds and his disciples, proclaiming a scathing review of the vain, … Continue reading Early to Church, Late to Forgive

Are We Turning the Gospel Into Bad News?

The gospel (literally the good news) of Jesus Christ in its simplest explanation is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus (1 Cor 15:1-8). But the good news doesn’t stop there. The reason why Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection is “good news” is that the same hope of death to an old life and the resurrection … Continue reading Are We Turning the Gospel Into Bad News?

Who Is Our Master?

The commonality of slavery in first-century Rome led many New Testament authors to employ references to slavery in order to illustrate spiritual truths. One such spiritual truth is that we are all slaves. White, Black, Christian, non-Christian, American, non-American—everyone is a slave to something. The Paul makes this point in Romans 6:16-19: Do you not know … Continue reading Who Is Our Master?

Election Season Tips for Christians

The election season seems worse every year. The vitriol and unwillingness to compromise seem worse than ever. It is at a time like this when a Christian’s light ought to shine brightest. Followers of Christ shouldn’t blend into the crowd of those spewing hatred in the name of politics. When someone engages us in a … Continue reading Election Season Tips for Christians

3 Reasons to Get Involved With a Jail or Prison Ministry

For many, jail is a scary place. We would do whatever we could to avoid going there and certainly wouldn’t go there willingly. Incarceration is highly stigmatized in America and the thought of ourselves or a loved one serving time makes us uncomfortable. The thought of having our rights revoked and privileges stripped is never … Continue reading 3 Reasons to Get Involved With a Jail or Prison Ministry

How Can an Anxiety Disorder Be a Blessing?

I know the title sounds like a contradiction. How can anxiety and blessing even be uttered in the same breath? My goal isn’t to be insensitive or to undermine anyone’s struggles, only to share my own experiences. That being said, anxiety is something that should be taken seriously and if you are struggling with it I … Continue reading How Can an Anxiety Disorder Be a Blessing?

Spiritual Decay: The Threat of Apathy

Christ’s church is not a structure of brick and mortar, but a collection of sinners made holy by the blood of Jesus. Though the church for which Jesus died is guaranteed an eternal existence (cf. Dan 2:44; Matt 16:18; Eph 3:20-21; Heb 12:28), individual congregations can still succumb to spiritual decay, and eventually, spiritual death. The spiritual reality of … Continue reading Spiritual Decay: The Threat of Apathy